Good Afternoon Everyone,

This will be a longer than usual email due to so much information that needs to be distributed. The public side of the new website is now active, while the private side still has some tweaks that need to occur before it is fully functional. Derek and Marnie Gomez, our new webmasters have been doing yeoman service with getting the transfer to the new server/system happening. He has told me he has never done one is this short amount of time. I think you be be amazed at the look of the new website. Everyone will need to set up a new password when everything is working.

We received parts to the Symphony on December 31 and they were distributed to the section leaders. Hopefully you have received the pdf's already. The music is set to print on a 9x12 page, so be sure to set your printer to "scale to fit page" for a typical 8.5x11 inch page. The other seven pieces were posted on the old site and you should have already downloaded them in December, as instructed in previous emails. If that did not happen, hopefully your section leader downloaded that music and will be able to get the music to you. This music will again be available eventually on the website but I am not sure it that will happen before our first rehearsal. I am sending this out now so you have plenty of time to get the music if you and or your section leader are encountering problems getting the rest of the music. One new feature is that you will be able to respond directly to emails sent to you, so let me know if you are having problems.

Here is the order of the music for rehearsal on Thursday, January 12:

As you know, I send very few emails, but you will be receiving more than usual in the next couple of weeks as the website comes online. I sent a test email to me and Derek earlier this week and it was successful. This email is the first group email attempt with the new email system, and I hope it has the same success as my first attempt. I again want to thank the Gomez' for the work that they are doing and will see you on Thursday.

Paul Worosello

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