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Good Morning

Here is the information for the concert on Sunday:

Set up: 2:30 pm
Call time: 3:00 pm
Concert: 4:00 pm

Attire is concert black with festive holiday accoutrements optional.

Set up crew will need to move the Altar Table, Pulpit, and three pastor chairs into the choir room as usual. Chairs needed on the choir risers will be:
Top row - 9 chairs
Middle row - 8 chairs
Bottom row - 10 chairs
Any extra chairs on the risers will be used on the floor with additional chairs coming from the bell loft above the choir risers.

The good news is since there is a choir concert on Monday in the sanctuary, the only thing that has to be returned at the end of the concert are the chairs. All the heavy stuff will remain in the choir room.

Jim Connors will place the organ in the approximate area and we will move as needed.

Music for the March concert has been uploaded to the website. I am listing it here so you can start listening over our break. The pieces are:

Joy Ride
Desert Sage (four movements)
1. A Cowboy's Life
2. Goodbye Old Paint
3. Bury Me Not
4. Rye Whiskey
Brooklyn Air
Famishius Fantasticus
Finding the Words (Saxophone Quartet)
City Trees
The Divine Right of Kings (3 solo trumpets with wind ensemble)
Turkey in the Straw

I am excited about the wide variety of music for this concert, similar to Balmages and Standridge in the past. There is a lot of challenging music, but we also have the longest preparation time of all the concerts this year.

See you Sunday,
Paul Worosello

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