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Good Morning Everyone,

Thursday is our Dress Rehearsal for the Sunday, March 24 concert at Christ Church. The music order for rehearsal will be the order for the concert. Michael Markowski will be in the rehearsal and making comments on each piece as we perform it. Here is that order.

Brooklyn Air
Turkey in the Straw
City Trees
The Divine Right of Kings
Finding the Words (saxophone quartet that only four people have heard so far)
Desert Sage
Famishius Fantasticus

Five finalists have been selected for the concerto competition this year out of which up to three will be selected to perform with the band. The live competition will take place at Christ Church in the room we rehearse in at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 30. This will take about an hour with the winners announced after the scores are tallied. It is always nice to perform for an audience. I hope you will be able to be in the audience for these fine young musicians.

See you Thursday,
Paul Worosello
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