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This will actually be a newsletter with information about several things:

We have a slate of soloists who hope to perform with the band in June. Even though there are only ten entries, the quality and depth has never been higher. There were two people who unfortunately did not complete all required activities by the deadline, and one of them submitted a video without any accompaniment. One of the entries was an unaccompanied marimba solo and did not qualify. So there are seven that need to be evaluated in the first round by viewing their YouTube submissions over the next week.

I wanted to wait until knowing the number of entries. Why? Because some very qualified evaluators who are very busy at this time of year might be leery to volunteer if there is a possibility of 30 solo performances. I wanted to be able to state with confidence how much time this will take. Based on the entries, it will take about an hour of your time. I will select five people who express an interest, selecting a variety of expertise. The seven YouTube videos can be viewed at your leisure with a ranking completed by this Sunday. I will tally the five judges rankings, throw out the high and low, and add the remaining three numbers, like the All-State process. The only other requirement for the judging panel is to attend the live finals audition, to be held at Christ Church on Saturday, May 20 at 10:00 AM. Since there will only be five performers, this will also only take one hour. Please respond to this email by Wednesday morning
if you are interested and available to do this.

As I build the calendar, in recent years we have had our December concert the first Sunday of the month. I am wondering if, based on previous years, having the concert on the second Sunday would also work. This is a busy time for concerts and want to do what creates the fewest conflicts. I will get a hand count on Thursday. If you are not able to be at rehearsal this week, just send your input by responding to this email.

Our June concert has traditionally the fewest number of players. Summer activities, vacations, and other events often impact the number of people who can play. Last year was the largest June band that I can remember having, and this year it appears to be even bigger. Unfortunately, LONESOME VALLEY FOLK SUITE is not going to be a good piece for us to play at this time. It appears that we will only have one tuba for this concert. We will not have a bari sax and there are important contra parts that will be missing. I had though of writing the exposed parts into other instruments and was sad at how much work that will be to do, and not accurately reflect the balance and colors. We should not have to cover parts in other instruments with the band at the level it is at and will do this piece later, when we can all recreate the music as the composer intended. With that said, be on the lookout for a new piece to play on the concert.

Finally, here is the order of music for rehearsal on Thursday:


Let me know if you can help judge,
Paul Worosello

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