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Good Morning,

I would first like to thank all of you for the great concert yesterday. I don't think we have ever had four standing ovations in one concert (although one was for the Star Spangled Banner). The audience was awesome and it is nice to see the attendance numbers continuing to increase.

One of the agenda items that I forgot to do yesterday was to recognize Charlotte Royall and the work she has done that culminated in the three remarkable solo performances yesterday. I will repeat; this is the best and most significant thing that the band does and it would not have happened without her efforts. I will make a proposal to the board that moving forward we have the competition at the time when Solo and Ensemble Contest is held and the student are most invested in their solos, which is usually in February. The winners can still be announced at that time, and the performance can still occur in June, but I think we may have greater initial participation.

I would like to give a big shout-out to Jim Dorr who has been working behind the scenes promoting the band with the Woodlands Township Board and the Arts Council. A member of the Arts Council (who was unaware that the band even existed before Jim started promoting the group) after the concert asked him if the band would be interested in a mini-grant that they are distributing to groups. That is something the board will need to discuss and is the perfect segue into the next item.

The monthly board meeting is tonight at 7:25 pm at the Black Walnut Cafe, located at 9000 New Trails Dr. in The Woodlands. Meetings last less than an hour and time commitment spread over the year is minimal. There is so much more that the band could be doing and there are Vice-President, Secretary, and At-Large positions open at this time. Please come tonight. This is the yearly election of the board. With so many new members over the past two years, I know there has to be some people who are able to serve in this capacity, in addition to the musical contributions brought to the band.

Our one rehearsal for Market Street 4th of July Parade will be at Christ Church this Thursday at 7:00. We will play through the marches that we will play on the 4th, rehearse as needed. This has traditionally lasted about an hour. Section Leaders, please make sure that parts are balanced for rehearsal on Thursday.

The music is now available for download under Music Library Downloads. The order for the rehearsal will be:

Americans We
America Exultant
Deep in the Heart of Texas
El Capitan
His Honor
A Kansas City Two-Step
National Emblem
Parade from Fantasia Nova (We will only do this if the piccolo solo is covered. I am not sure who is playing this concert).
Circus Galop
Stars and Stripes Forever
The Woodlands March

For those not playing this concert, have an awesome summer. We will see you in the Fall. The calendar for next year will be posted in the next couple of days in the membership area. For those playing at Market Street......

I will see you Thursday,
Paul Worosello
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