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Good Evening,

We will have a few changes to Thursday night’s rehearsal.

7:00 – 7:50 pm

Brass will start in the sanctuary. The space will be mostly free of stuff due to the Woodlands combined concert on Saturday. Brass are going to open the concert with the Dukas Fanfare from “La Peri” and it would be good if you could stand during the playing of this piece. Tubas, horns, and trombones will be in regular places in the loft, trumpets will center themselves in front of the choir loft.

Rehearse La Peri

Euphoniums will join you at 7:25 pm

Tony will work specific sections of A Festive Overture.

All Brass will come back to the chapel for full band rehearsal

7:00 – 7:50 pm

Woodwinds, Euphoniums, String Bass, and Percussion start in the chapel (where we usually rehearse). I wish we could all rehearse in the sanctuary, but there are too many differences between our group and the choir/orchestra to make this easily happen).

Rehearse Molly on the Shore until 7:25 pm
Euphoniums join Brass in sanctuary.

Rehearse A Festive Tribute

7:50 – 8:00 pm - Reset in chapel

Incidental Suite (15 minutes)
Variations on a Korean Folk Song (15 minutes)
Symphonic Dance No. 3 (15 minutes)
Third Suite – Waltz (mvt. 2) – (5 minutes)
A Festive Tribute – (10 minutes)

If we can reset earlier than 8:00, every minute can be used.

Section Leaders, now is the time to start getting your personnel to Craig for the program.

See you Thursday,
Paul Worosello
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