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Good evening,

Sorry for the lateness of this email. I actually had this mostly completed on Monday, just waiting for some last minute information. Thank you Erma for reminding me to send this.

I would first like to commend all the band members who participated in the combined concert of the Rachmaninov Variations on a Theme of Paganini and the Faure Requiem at Christ Church on Saturday. There is not a better example of a community coming together to create music with participants of our band, the string section from The Woodlands High School and members of the Christ Church Chancel Choir and The Woodlands Chorale. Mihai Vatca played with his quintessential musical virtuosity and I look forward to him playing with us on the World Premier of A Festive Tribute.

Here is the order of music for the rehearsal this Thursday:
Fanfare from “La Peri”
Third Suite – mvts. I & II
A Festive Tribute
Molly on the Shore
The Circus Bee
Second Suite in F
Variations on a Korean Folk Song (start m. 150)
Incidental Suite (if time, there should be)
Trauersinfonie (if time, maybe not)

I have discovered a resource where misprints (remember me talking of a period of band music publishing where misprints were unfortunately numerous that I will be using when I post the first rehearsal “newsletter” for each remaining concert. Hopefully, all of the following have been found. But if not, please correct in your parts.

Variations on a Korean Folk Song
  • Piccolo, m.65: add flat last sixteenth
  • Piccolo, m.125: correct 16 rest to ‘6’
  • Piccolo, m.183: add 3/2 time signature top of p. 4
  • Piccolo, m.199: add natural to first note
  • Flute I, m.133: add dot to first quarter rest, and remove dot from second quarter rest
  • Flute I, m.169: add natural to second note
  • Flute I, m.241: relocate one bar later
  • Flute II, m.133: add dot to first quarter rest, and remove dot from second quarter rest
  • Flute II, m.169: add natural to second note
  • Flute II, m.241: relocate one bar later
  • Oboes, m.26: A natural should be A-flat.
  • B-flat Soprano Clarinet II, m.198: Whole note should have a dot
  • B-flat Soprano Clarinet III, m.12: add flag on first eighth
  • B-flat Soprano Clarinet III, m.78: correct sp. ‘sostenuto’
  • B-flat Contrabass Clarinet, m.234: add flat
  • Bassoons, m.140: correct 145 placement
  • E-flat Alto Saxophone, m.171: add natural to Bs
  • B-flat Trumpet I, m.115: add flat
  • B-flat Trumpet I, m.196: remove flat before F
  • B-flat Trumpet II, m.165: add slur on three eighth notes
  • B-flat Trumpet III, m.248: E natural should be E-flat.
  • Horn in F I, m.80: add ‘piano’
  • Horn in F I, m.135: Delete the last measure on the second system (This is listed incorrectly as Horn IV in the Fennell article in Resources, below.)
  • Horn in F II, m.29-30: add bar line between
  • Horn in F II m.139, beat 3: E natural should be E-flat.
  • Horn in F II, m.167: add flat on last eighth note
  • Horn in F IV, m.103: Rehearsal number 104 appears one bar early.
  • Horn in F IV, m.135: delete the next bar
  • Horn in F IV, m.135: add natural to F
  • Trombone I, m.223: relocate 223 from 214
  • Trombone II, m.140: add 140
  • Trombone II, m.145: remove sharp from B
  • Trombone III, m.116: add ‘fortissimo’
  • Trombone III, m.140: add 140
  • Trombone III, m.145: add natural to B
  • String Bass, m.53: Change rehearsal number 52 to 53.
  • Timpani (Kettle Drum), m.172: correct herd to head
  • Snare Drum, m.177: add dot on second quarter rest
  • Cymbal, m.240: not on dome as previously
Incidental Suite
  • Clarinet II, Rondo movement, 4th measure after Letter D: F natural.
The jazz band will have its first public performance on Saturday, September 30 at the annual Cornhole Tournament at the Southern Star Brewery. Here is the event information:

Southern Star Brewery
3525 N. Frazier St. Conroe, TX
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Tournament goes from 3:00 pm to around 7:00 pm. The Woodlands Jazz Knights will perform starting around 3:15 pm and ending around 4:30 pm. I hope you can attend and support this new venue of music in our community.

See you tomorrow,
Paul Worosello
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